What dialect are your books in?

My goal is to create a library full of high quality engaging Hmong children’s book. With that said, it makes more sense to publish some books in the Hmong Lang dialect and some in the Hmong White dialect. The cost of printing one book in two version is the same as publishing two different books in Hmong Lang or Hmong White. Why write one book in two version when I can create two completely different book?

It is my hope that our children will grow up to understand, read, and speak in both dialects. Ultimately, understanding that Hmong Lang is Hmong and Hmong Dawb is Hmong and that Hmong is Hmong. I want to create a more inclusive community where any child can pick up any Hmong book and read it.

How long does shipping take? 

Shipping and handling usually take 7-10 days.

Can I do a bulk order for an organization, school, or library?

Yes. Please let us know personally about your plans by emailing us at hmongprints00@gmail.com